Get to know us

I’ve loved weddings since I was young. My parents would take me with them to weddings and I was in awe of the magic and love in the air. All the little details from the lace on the bride’s dress, the twinkling lights in the trees, the scent of fresh flowers lingering in the air, to the groom barely being able to control his joy as his bride walked toward him, I’ve loved weddings!

As I’ve gotten older and gone a different direction with work and family I kept being drawn back to weddings and the joy they bring. I can look back now and see how I kept being pulled in this direction be being trained by the people around me to make me the wedding planner, designer, and venue owner I am today. From helping my Mom make wedding cakes and eventually me making weddings cakes myself. To learning to arrange flowers, working in professional kitchens, practicing and trying out centerpieces, organizing and designing, my love for weddings and parties has grown so much more! I enjoy working with families and individuals to plan the party of a lifetime and hope it’ll be their beginning of a life time.

Today we take on the wedding and party industry in full force with several years of combined experience in design and party planning. We hope to work with you to help your dreams and visions for your special day come true at our venue.  

Love, Rachel